Volunteer Opportunities 

Honour Stations Committee

Are you well-connected in the community?  Are you results driven? If so, we need you.

Help us recruit communities and businesses to host an Honour Station along the event route between Saskatoon and Batoche.

Please note: An Honour Station is an opportunity for communities to celebrate and commemorate their own veterans on run day by sponsoring and manning an aid station.


Gratitude Committee

Are you compassionate? Do you have a good imagination? If so, help us ensure all of our invaluable volunteers are recognized.

The Gratitude Committee will help the Project Team honor and thank all who assist and support with the 2014 Road to Peace & Unity Honour Run to Batoche.


Metis Veterans Committee

Do you value service, honor, courage and selflessness? Do you have research skills? If so, help us get connected.

The Metis Veterans Committee will help the youth locate and connect with Metis Veterans and/or their descendants. Volunteer tasks may include gathering photographs and background information for the youth tributes.

Please note: Youth runners will run to honour individual Metis Veterans called their “Tributes.”


Pre-Invitational Dinner Committee

Are you enthusiastic? Are you creative, yet flexible? If so, join our committee.

The Pre-Invitational Dinner Committee will assist the Project Team with event coordination, including decorating, set-up and take down. Volunteer duties may include contacting and liaising with special guests such as dignitaries and celebrities, to help coordinate details and logistics.


Social Media Committee

Are you social media savvy? Do you enjoy capturing and sharing the excitement of the day? If so, our community supporters need you.

The Social Media Committee will promote the 2014 Honour Run through the use of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and Instagram. Volunteer duties will include taking photographs and broadcasting the images and official related event tweets and posts with fun posts prior to, during, and after the event.Volunteers will be given the opportunity to work alongside communications professionals and videographers.


Event Equipment Committee

Are you energetic? Are you detail oriented? If so, this committee is for you.

The Event Equipment Committee will develop a list of equipment and support materials required for the Honour Run and the Camping excursion. The committee will also assist with event set-up and take-down.

Please note: Event set-up and planning will be required one week prior to the Honour Run.


Youth Training Committee

Do you enjoy working with youth? Or, are you able to provide transportation? If so, our youth participants need you.

The Youth Training Committee may assist soldiers with youth on training days by providing food, drink and transportation to youth participants as required. The cost of the food and drink will be covered by the event.  

If you have any other talents you would like to share, please sign up below and indicate what skills you can provide. 

Join us in helping make history once again!              

Please sign up and indicate what skills you can provide.

Join us in helping make history!