What is an honour run?

The 2014 Honour Run is a unique 100 km journey from Saskatoon to Batoche that celebrates and honours lives lost in the pursuit of peace and unity.

Since its inception in 2010, the Honour Run has exploded. We have more than tripled our growth, with 80 youth and soldiers running in the 2014 Honour Run. This year, the youth Honour Runners will pay special tribute to our Métis Veterans, with each honouring an individual Veteran’s life and story. The Honour Run will coincide with the unveiling of Canada’s first Métis Veterans Monument at Back to Batoche Days


The 2010 Honour Run was founded as an event that provides youth with the opportunity to learn and participate in honour running.

In 2010, the Honour Run was held in conjunction with the historic Reconciliation Ceremony in Batoche National Park to commemorate all sides of the battle in the 1885 Northwest Resistance. To mark the occasion, Honour runner Shannon Loutitt ran the 100 km route from Saskatoon to Batoche along with fifteen youth. The 15 youth, known as ‘New Messengers,’ ran to deliver an official message of reconciliation inscribed on the gates of Batoche cemetery today.

An estimated 75,000 attended the celebration, while hundreds of thousands more witnessed the magic on their televisions, radio stations and newsprints across the country.

Record crowds are expected to celebrate the 2014 Honour Run and unveiling of the Métis Veterans Monument celebration. Join us in helping make history once again! 

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Giving Back

As a non-profit organization, New Messengers Honour Running Inc. is delighted to partner with our invaluable sponsors to provide youth with the opportunity to learn and participate in honour running, thereby bettering the communities they live in.

For more information on how the Road To Peace & Unity 100 KM Honour Run works with sponsors and donors, please visit our Charity Page.